If I were to describe my life at Walden University in one word, then it would be refreshing. Since I joined the university, I have gained a lot from the instructors and friends. Life has been refreshing because I feel I have taken a step from my childhood and high school days towards maturity and realizing my purpose in life. I have learnt about my talents, abilities, and several other things that I never knew. Besides, I have gained a clear insight into how things work in the real world through classes. The paper explores what I feel about myself as a student at Walden University. I will provide a clear insight on my plans to succeed at the university. Finally, I will discuss my strategy to become part of the Walden community using a mentor who will provide personal and professional support to facilitate my success at the university and beyond.

Part 1

Today I am well-versed with life at Walden University. The university has provided me with all the essential tools to succeed academically. The instructors have been very professional and helpful in my studies. They have created a very favorable environment where students can seek clarifications or even consult the seniors for better understanding on the courses. Also, the university library has been a great source for my researches. The library is equipped with the latest materials for references and improving on my knowledge in class. With access to a variety of documents, popular articles, books, newspapers, and academic articles, the library has proven to be a useful place for any research. The resources have helped me to better support my ideas through integrating these sources in my assignments.   

The course has provided me with great time management skills. Through the studies, I have come to understand why I seemed to be working constantly yet I never accomplished my all my tasks in time. I have realized that most of the activities I have undertaken did not reflect my values of self-discipline, hard work and the ultimate goal to succeed at the university. During the assessments, I realized the need to improve my time management so that I can have fun between my class and social life. I have succeeded at changing my time management skills by excellently striking a balance between free and committed time. The course has offered several effective strategies including setting goals and going a step further to ensure they are met. I believe these skills will be helpful at the university and beyond as I enter into the corporate world.

Looking back over the semester, I feel that I have learnt several interesting uses of technology; both in school and outside the school setting. I have learnt some of the latest inventions in technology and how they have simplified life in general. The course has really opened my eyes about things that are out there to supplement my learning. For instance, the week 4 discussion helped me understand the importance of connecting with technology and why it has become an important aspect of life today. 

Part 2

I promise to do anything within my capabilities to ensure I succeed at Walden University. I will not walk away from the course at any time, regardless of the challenges I will face in future. Ever since my childhood days, I have been determined to succeed academically and be a source of change in my community. I want to inspire the young generation that they can achieve anything and be whoever they want in life through hard work and determination. I want my story to inspire other people and hopefully become a role model in the community. I believe change starts with me, and the only way to achieve is through education.

My plan to succeed is quite simple and straightforward. First, I will endeavor to attend all classes. I do not want to fall into the habit of missing classes due to minor issues like mild headaches. I now understand that university classes cover materials at a faster rate than high school, so missing a single class will have a very big impact. Only emergencies will prevent me from attending classes. Second, I will set a regular study routine to help manage my time well. To do so, I will find a great environment to study like the library, where I will not have to deal with distractions and assemble all the necessary learning materials. Lastly, I will strive to finish all my assignments in time and meet the instructor’s expectations. 

Part 3

I will become part of the Walden Community by taking advantage of the resources that the university offers. One of the best ways to achieve this is by finding a mentor who will provide guidance both within the class setting and outside the class. I am an active in sports and I will strive to find a mentor within the sports faculty; a person who can advise on educational matters and at the same time help advance my career. I will search the school database for the top officials in the sports department to find an appropriate mentor. I understand that university life should not be all about academics, and getting involved in other activities makes the experience more enjoyable while still molding me into a well-rounded person. The enjoyment will make me a more committed and enthusiastic student, which will go a long way to determine my academic excellence. In addition, activities with other students will help develop a strong network for social and academic support.  

Part 4

The visual below shows one of the best quotes by Nelson Mandela. The quote is an inspiration to me because it emphasizes on the importance of education. Through education, it is possible to create a sustainable planet, eliminate gender equality, and foster peace. This is an investment that every country should make for global prosperity.