I have always wondered about the possibility of getting into the minds of customers to figure out their thoughts and the best approach to convince them to purchase a product or service. Thus, this propelled by an interest in integrated marketing since I believe that it would allow me to integrate all the vital aspects of marketing to communicate with potential clients and create brand awareness. 

My main goals for planning to undertake Integrated Marketing at Boston University are; the institution has the facilities and resources necessary in imparting me with knowledge and skills that are essential in examining the thinking behavior of various customer groups while creating effective marketing strategies.  

My educational background has also had a significant impact on my interests and development and therefore influenced my decision to pursue graduate studies in Integrated Marketing. Having studied Psychology in my undergraduates, I believe that I can apply this background to comprehend how people think and act in specific ways and thus create compelling marketing content. 

I also have professional experience having worked with HiGetUp Entertainment Service and CCTV-15, which both provided me with skills communicating, monitoring, and developing potential customers into the companies. Therefore, a combination of my Psychology degree and experiences working in different companies will be vital in my pursuit of a master’s in Integrated Marketing.

One of the things that I find essential for business is developing relationships with and understanding consumers such that enterprises can be more enriching and less obtrusive to our lives to promote sustainability. During my bachelor’s degree, the emphasis was placed on understanding people that showcase various temperaments and behaviors, including various mental activities such as sentiment and cognition. Throughout the learning process, I noted the need for intersecting psychology with marketing by building customer trust, promoting exclusivity, running emotion ideas, and emphasizing the consequences of inaction. 

Apart from gaining motivation to study Integrated Marketing from my undergraduate degree, the extracurricular activities that I was involved in also played a significant role in influencing my desire to understand consumers. While being the director of the publicity department under the Chinese Student Union, I managed to organize various activities that required constant communication and promotion to ensure that more students attended the events. During this period, I realized that as a leader, it is essential to implement marketing strategies that are customer or audience-focused.

Furthermore, working as an advertising and client support staff at HiGetUp Entertainment Service, I always had to assess customer behavior and come up with ideas that would give the company a competitive edge. These, coupled with my intention of having a marketing agency that develops brands while maintaining client loyalty, are the main drivers for my interest in the graduate program. I believe that I can integrate my skills in psychology and integrated marketing to expand businesses and ensure that their market segments increase.

My undergraduate degree mainly focused on aspects of Psychology and did not integrate them into business and particular marketing.  While I gained skills in the analysis of information, data collection, and creating an awareness of psychological theory and practices, the program did not specialize in the application of psychology in marketing.

Additionally, despite managing to intern at one company and work as support staff in another, I noticed that there were vital marketing and business skills that I lacked to ensure that I maintain brand loyalty and facilitate its awareness among various market segments. Thus, taking this graduate studies will be essential in widening my knowledge concerning maintaining a long-term healthy relationship with clients, applying the most effective marketing tools, communicating the brand message to a broader audience, and brand awareness at a minimal cost. 

By undertaking Integrated Marketing studies at Boston University, I believe that there will be room to apply classroom concepts to real-life situations, which are essential in developing my skills. I intend to take part in research, classwork, and assignments provided to gain insight on marketing approaches while participating in the existing extracurricular activities to ensure that my academic and personal life improve. 

My primary goal after completing this graduate program is to start an integrated marketing agency. Through the concepts taught in the Integrated Marketing classes, I will be able to improve my business by promoting creative consistency in every aspect of promotion and advertisement for my clients. I will also be able to apply cost-saving and ensure that my clients are aligning the information with customer preferences. 

I believe that Boston University will provide me with the opportunity to achieve this dream based on its excellent resources and research facilities. Furthermore, the rigorous academic programs and intercultural inclusion will give me a chance to network while growing academically.