Don’t Forget About Home: The A-Z of Being a Student and Winning at College.

Don't Forget About Home: Your Ultimate Guide to Staying Connected as a Student (and Crushing It at College!)

College. A time of both excitement and independence as well (I’ll be honest with you) probably some serious bouts of homesickness. You find yourself moving from one place to another, and from one person to another. It’s a completely new experience. It is quite easy to end up in a situation where you miss the usual comforts of home a bit. Perhaps this is well captured in Calum Scoot’s song What I miss Most. Check the video below if you are not familiar with it.

But here’s the thing: in fact, holding onto your roots when you are in college is not only a way to triumph but also a good recipe for success. This guide will arm you with everything you need to know in order to stay connected to the people and places that you care about, while you are succeeding at your academic career. And that is why I would like to invite you to join me on this journey (maybe you can bring your favorite mug from home!) and show you how you can conquer college and still keep that home feeling close to your heart.

Staying in Touch: Fill the Gaps with Good Communication

College, for sure, comes with a lot of new things – new classes, new people and new lifestyle. While there are so many things to do and people to meet, taking the time to call or message family and friends from home might not be the priority. However, it is the daily communication that will help us with those crucial relationships.

Here’s a breakdown of some popular communication methods, along with their pros and cons, to help you find the perfect way to stay connected:

  • Video Calls: Having friendly people around helps to deal with the homesickness which is a natural reaction to being far away from home. Video calls facilitate the real-time discussion and being up-to-date. Nevertheless, it is difficult to schedule video calls since of time-zone differences and busy schedules.
  • Phone Calls: Occasionally, just knowing that there is someone else out there who understands and is willing to listen can have a profound impact. Calls are a perfect manner to have long talks and see how everyone’s doing. The downside? Talking on the phone can take a lot of time, with the international rates.
  • Texting and Messaging Apps: A simple text or a funny meme sent through messaging apps are quite effective in keeping in touch all day long. They’re very convenient and time-saving, which is important for people with busy lives. But, the possibility of losing important nuances and a sense of detachment is very high if texts are used only.
  • Emails: The email is a good tool to get longer updates, photos and ask for advice. They are convenient and enable the users to reply whenever they feel like it. The drawback? Email feels like a non-personal way of communication and response can be delayed.

Pro Tip: Don’t postpone the gesture of love until it becomes a special occasion! Fix schedule for regular calls or video chats, and make sure you have a group chat with your family or friends for the purpose of quick updates and shared experiences.

Homecoming Strategies: Converting Visits to Wins

Home is the best place, and sometimes, homesickness is cured by the real visit to home. Homecoming trips are an amazing way of spending time with your relatives, taking a deep breath and creating unforgettable memories. undefined

  • Plan Like a Pro: Leave out breaks and holidays on your calendar and give at least a few months notice about the possible travel dates with your family. This ensures that all can plan schedules and make travel arrangements.
  • Budgeting for Bliss: Travel expenses can be expensive, too. Bear in mind the cost for transportation, accommodation, and pocket money when drafting a real budget for your travel. Don’t forget to investigate the financial aid that are offered to students and can help them in their travels.
  • Embrace Your Local Roots: While you’re home, get to know your locality! Go to a local event, assist at a cause you are passionate about or have fun with the friends you have not been in touch with for some time. Taking part in your home town life is a good way of feeling grounded and keeping in touch with your sense of belonging.

Bonus Tip: It sometimes happens that you can’t go back home, especially for long distances. Maybe, you can consider having a “reverse homecoming” where your parents come to you on campus! Let them experience your life in college, explore your college town, and create new common experiences.

Keeping Home Alive in Your New Space: Building a Nest of Familiarity in College

College residence halls and apartments can seem a little bland to begin with. But fear not! Undefined. Here are ways you can deal with this.

  • Decorate with Love: Familiarize yourself with the objects that surround you! Hang up family and friends photos, exhibiting your favorite memorabilia, or displaying art or souvenirs from your hometown. This makes your space one of a kind and reminds you of the people and places you love every time you look. You can also visit museums and other places that remind you of home. 
  • Embrace Culinary Traditions: The home is a powerful link through food. Master the recipes that your family loves and share that knowledge with your roommates. Eating together and preparing food together develops a feeling of belonging and reminds of the known pleasant tastes.
  • Virtual Connection through Shared Activities: Technology can be a good friend of yours! Make a movie night with family back home where you all watch the same movie and then talk about it. Or, why not arrange a virtual game night with your friends from home using online platforms? They make the long distance feel like a shorter one by creating a feeling of unity and closeness.

Taking Care of Yourself: Developing Resilience and Placing Well-Being as a Priority.

Living away from home could be a difficult experience. Truth be told, there will be days when you will long for the familiar routines, missing home cooked meals, or simply be overburdened by the requirements of college life.

Here’s the thing: It’s so natural to go through these emotions. undefined

  • Acknowledge Your Feelings: Holding back your feelings is not the solution! Talk to a friend, family member, counselor, or therapist if you feel homesick, overwhelmed, or lonely. It is a great feeling when you can talk about it and get advice from others.
  • Embrace Self-Care: Being physically and mentally healthy is the basis of everything. Eat proper meals, get enough sleep, and allocate time for activities that you like, like exercising, doing hobbies or joining a club. Keep this in mind, a fit and balanced individual is a successful individual!
  • Utilize College Resources: Don’t feel ashamed to ask for help on campus! Many schools provide mental health services that include counseling, support groups, and workshops. These tools can be acquired from these resources so that you can manage stress, anxiety, and homesickness.

Remember: College is a path of self-enlightenment and development. Remember that embracing your roots doesn’t mean you are stuck in your past. It is about discovering new ways to blend the warmth and care of the home into your new life and in turn, be a successful academic and personal being throughout your college journey.

Conclusion: Bridges, Not Walls: Connecting, Not Separating – The Power of Connection

Therefore, there you are! Whether it be communication strategies or self-care tips, this guide has provided you with the necessary tools to maintain your connection to home as well as your success in college. Do not forget it is not a weight on your shoulders, it is a connection to your happiness and success.

Think of it like this: the love and support you find in the walls of your home is what enables you to fly high in academic endeavors. You will have the skills to cope with difficulties, be able to celebrate your achievements and also go through all the ups and downs of college life knowing that you have a network of people who will be cheering you every step of the way.

Don’t forget about home. Embrace it, rejoice in it, and weave it in the college experience fabric. You won’t regret it.