Personal Statement for Admission

Student’s Name :

Name of the Institution : University of Berkeley California

Course applying : Phd in Marketing

Your task in writing this statement is to convince the Berkeley Haas PhD Program that you will do excellent doctoral work, and that you have the promise to have a successful career as an academic researcher. Your statement should be no longer than three pages (50 lines per page); be concise.

Below are some examples of the kinds of specific questions you may wish to address.

Plans: Why do you want a career as an academic researcher? Are there specific reasons why you want to enter the Berkeley Haas PhD Program instead of a different program?

Interests: In what major field do you currently plan to work? What sort of research topic(s) excite you intellectually? Please be as specific as possible.

Background: Why did you decide to do a PhD in Management? Are there any aspects of your record to which the Berkeley Haas Program should give special attention?

Need this to be Plagarism Free and APA format



Why Me  +  Why Now ?

–          Management Degree in marketing

–          years of work experience across multiple Industries

–          Scaled Startups

–          Always been fascinated by Human Behavior

–          Consumer Insights in Advertising altering purchase/ preference behavior


Gaps I’ve noticed at Work:

–          Data Driven decision making and derived insights

–          Not from Human – motivation, perception and influence perspective

Insights were derived as a consequence of the consumer actions.(Less of understanding more of probabilistic reasoning)

Why do you want to obtain this degree? Why do you want to focus on this field? Why do you wish to study at this particular university?

Research Experience and Relevant Skills

–          Consumer Research for marketing insights (Qualitative and limited in geography)

What do I want to do? Display Your Intellectual Curiosity: What ideas and questions get you excited? Do you truly enjoy doing research? Why? Give us some examples that display your intellectual curiosity in action.

–          I am keen on researching to find what drives consumers intrinsically and subconsciously while forming preferences towards products, brands and influencers on digital media and how, why, and to what extent brands/influencers influence—purchase decisions.

–          I also want to explore personality types and online persuasion tactics that influence decision-making on digital media.


Why Berkely ? Why am I a fit ?

1. Program : Consumer behavior track

–          Exposure to fundamentals of psychology (cognitive psychology, social psychology, and behavioral decision theory) and experimental research and on how to use them to address marketing problems, such as consumer judgment and decision making and the role of the multiple variables influencing this process (e.g., attitudes, emotions, motivation, individual differences, perception, social influence, etc)

Study of the behavioral dimensions of buyer behavior, examining attitude structures, motivations, group influences, and communication processes at the final or industrial levels. The field offers four doctoral seminars in marketing: Consumer Behavior, Choice Models, Marketing Strategy, and Special Topics in Marketing. These courses familiarize students with the existing marketing literature. In this sense, these courses are extensive in nature, covering most aspects in marketing, and presenting a framework to think about the existing literature. Classes are organized with a balance of lectures and discussion.


Program details

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