Week 5 Discussion Forum

Welcome to this week’s Discussion Forum (DF). This week is different than previous weeks because you will be watching and utilizing materials from our very own HCC Libraries. The purpose is to prepare you to use HCC Libraries to complete your Research Proposal and research paper, Essay 2 assignment, as well as to steer you away from plagiarism, accidental or otherwise.

Please read, watch, complete the linked materials, and respond to at least one classmate by Sunday, 11/21/21.

Pay attention; there are THREE parts to this week’s work. Do them in order.

PART 1 — Begin Research –> https://library.hccs.edu/brtutorial Links to an external site.

Read all information under About This Course. (The column under the books on the left-hand side.) Then, read all the tabs in this tutorial. They include:

About this course

Begin Research

Knowledge Cycle

Library Basics

Discovery Tools

Expert Searches

Make Citations

Take both the Pre-Test and the Exit Quiz. The Exit Quiz is for credit.

PART 2 –> Watch the following videos and take the associated quizzes located at https://library.hccs.edu/online_instruction/recordingsLinks to an external site.. (Note: These videos are recordings of previously held tutorial sessions. Their availability prevents you from having to attend live, real-time sessions.) In order to receive credit, you must take all associated quizzes.

The videos you will need to watch are:

Video 1: Plagiarism 101

Video 3: Database Searching (Note: There IS a quiz associated with this one, in spite of what the librarian says at the end.)

Video 4: MLA Style

Video 6: Fake News

PART 3 –> Write at least 250 words on the following question:

1. How has the study of plagiarism and citation in this class impacted your knowledge of these topics.