Bank Lending

Dear Students,

Your end of semester assessment of BFC5914 Bank Lending will be held during the official

examination period – please check your student timetable for the start time (this will be at

Australian Eastern Standard time AEST). The assessment duration will be 2 hours and 10

minutes and it will be run via the Moodle page of BFC5914.


Students need to apply Special Considerations via the online process


CEs are not in charge of special considerations approval.


Exam Instructions

Date of Final Exam: Check your timetable

The total grade is 60 marks.

It consists of Three compulsory questions.

The duration of the exam: 2 hours and 10 minutes.


The exam will be run on the Moodle platform.

It is an Open-Book exam, only open to all the materials provided on Moodle and textbooks.


Do not open any other websites during the exam.


No formula sheet provided.


Only HP 10bII+ or Casio FX82 (any suffix) calculator permitted.


The university will use similarity-detection software to compare your works. Both of you

will be graded 0 if your answers bear a remarkable similarity or are the same.


❖ Question 1 (20 marks): Four Calculation Questions. ❖ Question 2 (20 marks): A Lending Case Study. ❖ Question 3 (20 marks): Three Short-Answer Questions.

Again, this is an individual assessment and cooperation is not allowed.


You are highly suggested not to skip any questions.


You only have one attempt in the system.


When inputting the figures in the solution box of questions, please follow closly the

instructions on the exam paper.

In terms of rounding issues, we do not ask you to keep 2 decimal places in the middle of the

calculation steps. In the middle of the calculations, keep all the digitals.




If you experience any issues during the exam:

– Issues seeking clarity with a question, contact CE:

– Technical system issues, please contact +61 3 9903 2777


Good luck with the exam.

Kind regards,