Behaviors Modification

You will practice describing, measuring, and modifying behaviors. You should choose a behavior that you already know how to do that you would like to increase. The behavior you choose should be something that most people would consider safe, positive, and desirable. The paper should be concise and should exactly follow the outline below. Each section of your paper should be clearly labeled.


I. Definition of the Behavior, Rationale for Increasing this Behavior, and Goal Clearly define the behavior for which you implemented a behavior modification plan. Briefly describe why you chose to increase this behavior (e.g., what benefits do you expect to gain if you increase this behavior). Set a behavioral goal.

II. Behavioral Measurement Plan Explain and describe what assessment and recording strategies you used and justify why these strategies are appropriate for the behavior you chose.

III. Behavior Modification Plan Describe your intervention plan to increase your behavior. Use your knowledge of behavior modification techniques to increase behaviors to explain why you chose this plan. Justify your choice of reinforcer(s).

IV Results Provide data from pre-intervention and during the intervention (be sure to use graphs when appropriate). Discuss whether the behavior modification program was effective. If it was effective, explain why you think the program was effective and whether you would use a similar plan in the future; if it was not effective, propose what you would do differently if you were to try to change this behavior again in the future.


General Guidelines

• Write concisely and use appropriate behavioral terminology.

• Use APA 7th edition formatting for references.

• Papers will be graded on the extent to which you provide a coherent and well-integrated account of the intervention program.

5-7 pages