Math Project

Video Presentation (10%)

Students prepare 10-minute video presentations of their work. This video could be uploaded to our course website no later than Monday November 29.


Research Report (10%) When you write your paper, follow the general guidelines and marking scheme as described below:

1) Title of the Report: Give a suitable, appropriate title to your report. (0.5%)

2) Abstract: This is a paragraph on top of your report for explaining the main idea of your topic and your approach. (0.5%)

3) Content, Organization and Flow: Make sure that various components of your paper are organized based on a logical idea. There must be a minimum of two theorems along with their proofs in your report. All concepts, related definitions and notations must be introduced and explained clearly. The audience for this paper is the entire class of MATD02. Remember to target your report for this audience and make sure that the level is thus adequate. (6%)

4) Format: Your report should have a serif-type 12-point font and 2.5 cm margins on all sides for standard text as well as be double-spaced. Your report must be between 7-10 pages. (0.5%)

5) Grammar and Spelling: You must proofread the paper to ensure that the writing is grammatically correct. Common errors include missing/incorrect pronouns, missing/incorrect articles, mixed tenses in the same paragraph/sentence, run-on sentences, fragments, and improper use of the passive voice. (1%)

6) References and Citations: Use the IEEE citation style. I will invite a librarian in one of our lectures (or arrange out of class library sessions) to guide you on proper citation techniques. (1%)

7) Future Developments: What comes next in the area you explored? It could be new advanced material that is related to your topic that you want to mention. You can include related problems and ideas that you come up even if it is not yet clear to you how to prove that idea. (0.5%)

8) Plagiarism: If you copy and paste from available resources, I will submit a mark of zero for your report. The idea of writing the report is to develop your ability to write clearly and concisely about mathematical ideas and problem solutions. (-10%).