Electric vehicles

In August 2021, President Joe Biden announced an executive initiative on American leadership toward clean cars and trucks.  As part of his statement he outlined a “Target of 50% Electric Vehicle Sales Share in 2030 to Unleash Full Economic Benefits of Build Back Better Agenda and Advance Smart Fuel Efficiency and Emission Standards” (The White House, Briefing Room, August 5, 2021, FACT SHEET: President Biden Announces Steps to Drive American Leadership Forward on Clean Cars and Trucks, accessed September 23, 2021, https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2021/08/05/fact-sheet-president-biden-announces-steps-to-drive-american-leadership-forward-on-clean-cars-and-trucks/).  Specified within this announcement were the advancement of battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and fuel cell electric vehicles.  Choose one of these three electric vehicle (EV) types and answer the following questions.  Be sure to back up your explanations with some research before discussing this topic online with your classmates. Be sure to read relevant sections of  your text and other supplementary readings.

  1. a) Describe the energy source(s) for the EV you chose and how the energy source(s) basically is/are used to propel the vehicle.  Be specific in your description of the energy source(s).  Note: obviously electricity is the energy source, in whole or in part to the EV, so be specific in your description as to the source(s) of energy that produces the electricity. b) What are advantages and disadvantages of using this energy source from a standpoint of cost and convenience to the consumer?  (2.75 pts)
  2. a) While all these EV’s are touted as zero or low emissions vehicles, describe how these EV’s may (or not) indirectly or alternatively produce carbon (and other pollutant tainted) emissions or cause other environmental problems/concerns. b) As a whole, describe why you feel (or not) these EV’s will be beneficial for the environment in the decades to come as opposed to the continued use of vehicles that burn fossil fuels.  (2.75 pts)
  3. Identify at least two sources of information that support your assertions.  Provide a proper citation in either MLA or APA style. (0.5 pt)