Psychology Of Learning Rough draft Essay of attached Paper-MUST HAVE ACCESS TO BOOK NEEDED!! READ ENTIRELY BEFORE YOU CONTACT ME!

NO PLAGIARISM!! Do NOT send me papers that have been used or pre-written for anyone else!! These papers will be checked for plagiarism!

I basically want a rough draft produced from the attached paper and adding more details as specified in this post!! Read it carefully!!

The attached paper was written as the final draft to turn in but I want a rough draft written that shows more details about the behavior I have chosen to stop and details on how. Research is probably needed. I would also like the textbook theories used more in this paper showing page numbers and talking about the theory, etc!!

Don’t ask for more time, it is due tomorrow 10/7/17 by 4:00pm central time zone!! Don’t ask for more money either!! And don’t wait on me because after I put deposit, I am not available to answer questions. This post has all details including the attached paper. DO NOT COPY IT word for word….it needs to be a rough draft of this paper with MORE added as stated!!


Must have access to this book! The behavior has been chosen which is in the attached paper. Using one or more of the learning theories described in the text, you are to create and implement a treatment plan. (Theories of human learning: What the professor said, (6 th edition). Belmont, CA: Thompson. 

Author: Lefrancois, G.)