(On Lightner Witmer )This assignment is designed to show the connections that were made between the mentor and the student. We should see how psychology splintered and continues to splinter based on the difference in theories and teaching.

Name of the psychologist is Lightner Witmer 


Paper must be one full page (not less than 500 word) with a cover page and a reference page.

Cover page should include:

a. Name of Student (Last, First)

b. Name of selected Psychologist

c. Class title and code (PS352)

d. Professor name

e. Date

Body or main page:

1.  Title:

(Name of the psychologist) *****Lightner Witmer******

2. Brief introduction to their personal life:

Place of birth, name of school, degree

3. Mentor or professor you selected:

Who taught/mentored the person you selected 

What was the theory of the person you selected?

What was the theory of their mentor?

How are their theories different?

4. Reference page (minimum of 2 references).