Floraspring Review

Vegetable oils are good for you. There are good type of fats liquid fats are better than solid fats. Saturated fats are found in meats and meat products as well as milk, butter, cream and cheese. There has been a lot said about the Mediterranean diet which is rich in Cardio-Protective foods. These diets contains lots of fruits vegetables, cereals, oily fish, olive oil and pulses. These diets is supposed to stop weight gain protect against heart disease and reduce cholesterol levels. If this diet is to much for you then you should try to increase intake of the following oily fish, unsaturated fatty acid, reduce dairy products and milk with fat on it and not too much red meat, pastries, cakes and sweets.

Increase the amount of fibre that you eat each day. Fruits and vegetables are full of fibre and also high fibre bread. These foods tend to be filling without being fattening and can help reduce cholesterol levels. The temptation to eat more is reduced with these foods, due to feeling full after eating them. Avoid salt as it can increase your blood pressure. We are eating much more salt now than a hundred years ago and do not add salt to cooking. By eating fruits and vegetables they also have the benefits of being anti-oxidants which is beneficial to your health.