Final Project Proposal

Access the Geeks for Geeks website. There are 8 ethical issues faced by Information Technology that are described. Choose one of the issues and write your final paper on that ethical issue.

This proposal should be an outline of your paper. Samples of outlines can be found here. Only write outlines describing what you are going to write about. Do not write paragraphs but make sure it is in outline form.

Content for the paper should have the following at a minimum:

  1. Introduction to the topic
  2. A description of the issues related to your topic
  3. How the issues have caused harm
  4. What are the ethical components involved in the issue
  5. How to resolve the issue
  6. A conclusion summarizing what you wrote


Assignment Format: MS Word Document; APA format

Length: 2 pages

  • Citations Required: Provide references page with references looked at for the outline