Autonomy and Nonmaleficence

1. In 3-5 paragraphs reflect on the  history of abortion  laws and the recent challenges to these laws in the United States Using the Internet, do some further research outside of your textbook on current challenges to these existing laws and post at least 1 link to an article detailing current legal challenges.
Reflect on the ethical principles of Autonomy and nonmaleficence, and discuss these with relation to abortion legislation.
2. In 3-5 paragraphs discuss how you think the 4 ethical principles tie into one or more of the following topic areas:  death ; the definition and diagnosis of  brain death ; chronic vegetative states; loss of personhood; right-to-life/right-to-die; euthanasia; infanticide; physician- assisted suicide ; palliative care; pain management; quality of life  and related issues.