Psychology Literature Review Paper – DUE in 20 hours

 The purpose of this literature review is to describe, summarize, and evaluate existing research on your chosen topic in a comprehensive and concise way. Your topic discussion should start broad and become more focused as you develop the review (like an upside-down pyramid).  The point of the pyramid should highlight why you’re interested in a specific topic. The literature review needs to cover many aspects relating to the topic.

PAPER REQUIREMENTS: The paper should conform to APA format, 6th edition Saved in Microsoft Word Format Title page formatted in APA format Include an abstract (Optional)
Must include 4 references: at least 3 research articles (experimental or correlational studies) and one other type of article (a review article, the DSM, additional research articles, etc.).  10 points will be deducted for each

I have attached a pre-filled data organizer with articles and research that you can use. It has information pertaining to the studies, so all you have to do is look up the paper/article for your reference.
Thoroughly read the rubric. I really would like an A/B paper.  
Because I want to make sure that everything was thoroughly read, CHAT me with you interest to bid. This lets me know that you have read everything. WILL NOT ACCEPT BIDS WITHOUT TALKING ABOUT ASSIGNMENT/DIRECTIONS. I want to ensure that I am getting a good paper. 
I have attached documents and resources that can be used to assist in writing. 
Please message/chat with ANY questions if you have them!

Will attach more information and details as bids roll in. Thank you! Let’s get an A!!!