Create an HTML form.

I need help to completing a web document that delivers of the following prompts. create an HTML page that meets the following requirements. 1.Create an HTML form. 2.Create and Initialize three arrays. 3.Use for-loops to populate those arrays. 4.Add an element to the end of one array. 5. Remove an element from the end of another array. 6. Add a new element to the beginning of one array. 7. Add at least one additional array method of your choice. 8. Convert an array to a string. 9. Use the converted string, assign to a string variable, and use it to populate a form field. 10. Create different functions to handle the operations of steps 4, 5, 6, and 7. (You can create additional array methods.) 11. Create four or more buttons on the form with different event handlers to start the above functions upon clicking them. 12. Create an additional button with an event handler to complete the operation in step 10. any help would be greatly appreciated. All i really need is working examples of all these elements.