presentation for Gender and Sexuality

Gender and sexuality topic  and briefly talk about it in the presentation by relating it to various current political, social and cultural “case”s such as a political event, debate, an NGO, a museum and popular cultural sites. Later on, briefly summarize you points in 1pages. Analyze your “case” using the concepts, theories, tools introduced in the readings of I mentioned below

Film: Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric (National Geographic, 2017) 

Visweswaran, Kamala (1994) “Defining Feminist Ethnography” in Fictions of Feminist Ethnography, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, pp.17-39. 

Babb, Florence E. (2008) “Out in Nicaragua: Local and Transnational Desires after the Revolution” Cultural Anthropology, 18(3): 304-328.