5 page Alternative Funding Sources for Public Health ProgramHIV/ AIDS PrEP

DUE 2/10  10 P.M EST



5 Pages not including Title and ref page


Alternative Funding Sources

For this part of your Scholar-Practitioner Project you will evaluate funding sources for the public health initiative you selected which is PrEP (HIV prevention program. Then, you will submit a mock grant proposal for an appropriate grant to supplement or allow expansion of your selected public health initiative.

Follow guide from previous week and paper is included so review



Part 2: Financial Accounting Analysis

For this part of your Scholar-Practitioner Project you will develop a financial accounting analysis of the public health initiative you selected in week 2. In your analysis, be sure to incorporate return on investment, time-value of money, and inflation factors.

The financial accounting analysis should include: A 5-year proposed budget including major line items (see blank form for proposed budget on NIH grants page located in the course syllabus or here: 
Online Article: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2009, June). Public health service: PHS 398. Detailed Budget for Initial Budget Period Form Page 4  and Form Page 5 http://grants.nih.gov/grants/funding/phs398/phs398.html (Concentrate on the budget and completing the two form sections)
Grant Application PHS 398. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Service. There is a $500,000 Direct Cost per year limit ( as noted in the PHS 398 Instructions page 22) An analysis of budget line items, costs, sources of revenue, and deficits (This is the budget justification) An analysis of the fiscal soundness and long-term viability of the public health initiative PAPER ATTACHED..SO PLEASE FOLLOW