Writing Summaries of Scientific Journal Articles (Article Summary Papers)


You must also use 12-point Times New Roman font . Each paper needs to be between 800-1,000 words- no more and no less.  

TWO summary papers. 




TITLE PAGE REQUIREMENTS: Student Name, SONA number, Name of Article and Journal, Article Author Name

Include all Requirements


Include only 2 Requirements

Include only 1 Requirement

No Title Page Requirements Met

0.40 pts

0.40 pts


0.30 pts

0.20 pts

0 pts

JOURNAL REQUIREMENTS: Article taken from list provided, Article less than 5 years old

Taken from list and less than 5 years old


Either not taken from list OR older than 5 years old


Not taken from list AND more than 5 years old

0.40 pts

0.40 pts


 0.20 pts


0 pts

CONTENT REQUIREMENTS: Summary/Opinion Breakdown Word count

800-1000 Words with 75% Summary and 25% Opinion of the article

600-799 Words with 50% Summary with 50% Opinion of the article

400-599 Words with 25% Summary with 75% Opinion of the article

200-399 Words or less than 25% Summary with more than 75% Opinion of the article

**199 or Less Words will receive NO points for the submission

1.20 pts

1.20 pts

0.80 pts

0.40 pts

0 pts

Zero on the overall assignment

Total Points: 2