Accounting Homework

Please label all parts accordingly.

Part one: liabilities

Give a name of an imaginary transportation company. What liabilities will your imaginary company have? How will you record those liabilities?  Give examples of three different journal entries for recording liabilities.


Part two: Dividends

In general, how are dividends paid in a corporation? Who would get paid first? How often are they paid? How are they recorded?


Part three: Ratios

Talk about three different ratios – what do they tell you about your company and do you want low numbers or high numbers? Be sure this is in your own words.


Part four:

What does the statement of cash flows tell you about a company? Look up a statement of cash flows on The US Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR website. Search for a company that is publicly traded.

Select the 10-K filing, Interactive Data

Under Financial Statements, choose Statement of cash flows

Give your opinion – what does it say about this company?

Please provide a reference Only for part four.