Discussion And Assessment 3

When you applied to undertake the PGLA, you were asked to submit answers to two questions. The first of these asked you to define leadership and show your understanding of it. Kindly revisit the answer you gave.

Spend some time re-reading what you wrote, and compare it to your knowledge and understanding of leadership now. Have your thoughts and feelings about leadership changed? Rewrite your statement, based on the learning you have been undertaking this term.



Question 1: What is your understanding of leadership? (min. 200 words – max. 250 words. Please include your word count total).



It is really hard to give a correct definition of leadership. We all have different answers to that because we all come from different families. In the family, leadership means I must listen to my parents, even sometimes it is not my will. If we talk about leadership from a bigger side. A leader should have the ability to lead a country, a company, a group of people and can make it a better place. I want to explain it from two sides. First, a good leader can help us solve the problem and give a better suggestion. A good leader should have influence. If the leader decides to do something and no one follows it. That will be a bad example of leadership. Secondly, a good leader should care about the subordinate. If the leader only cares about himself/herself. That group or organization will disband someday. We always say a good leader should be a good listener, if the leader doesn’t understand what people want, people won’t trust the leader, and the team will not focus on the same goal. I think that is my definition of leadership and I want to see how my classmates answer this question.




Question 2: If you were to undertake the PGLA, how would you aim to apply the learning, once the course is over? (min. 200 words – max. 250 words. Please include your word count total).


After this course, I think my definition of leadership will change to a higher level and understand how to be a leader in the future. Use the knowledge point that we talked about in this course and try to learn more about how other leaders run a company or an organization. I always want to learn about great leaders’ stories because when they are facing difficulties, they can show calm and confidence to deal with the problem, that is something I want to learn and I want it to become my skill one day. At the same time, there is one more thing that I really want to learn from this class which is cultural competence. Because I don’t think when people were born in a different country and different family. They can feel the same way or understand in the same way. That is, I want to know how great leader did when facing this circumstance. Having this skill will let me know why he or she makes a point and how can we find the balance between different cultures. I hope this course will give me answer to those two questions and I can’t wait to use it in my future career.