This is your opportunity to be creative and demonstrate your Google Slide skills. Use Google Sides to generate an eleven or twelve-slide presentation on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Make sure you and your partner’s name are on the first slide. Each student will be evaluated on their own work. Each student will upload a presentation (11 or 12-slides) with their personal answer for question 6. How does AI impact you (show evidence)? In your presentation, answer these questions:

1. Slide 1 – Title Slide with your name, the class information i.e., G Suites, and the Professor’s name.

2. Slide 2 & 3 – What is AI? 3. Slide 4 & 5 – What are the four types of AI? 4. Slides 6, 7, 8- How does AI impact the world globally? Show evidence. 5. Slides 9 – What is the most popular programming language used in AI? 6. Slide 10 – How does AI impact you? Show evidence. 7. Slide 11 or 12 – MLA Works Cited Slide

You will need to retrieve and evaluate information from the library’s database and or the Internet. To access the Library Resources you can use

(Links to an external site.)


(Links to an external site.)

. You can get help from a Librarian via chat, text, and or email

(Links to an external site.)


You should include at least three (3) citations from a minimum of three (3) different credible sources.

1. Each slide should have an in-text citation – worth 25% 2. The presentation should have no less than three (3) images – worth25% 3. The presentation should have one (1) table -worth 25% 4. The last slide, slide 11 or 12, should be an MLA Works Cited Slide – worth




Please note in order to earn 100% all of the slides must have the required documentation and it must be correct. Extra credit will be given for the teams who work together as assigned.