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Step 2: Spend 5 minutes or so listing what you already know about your topic.

Step 3: Now spend fifteen or twenty minutes brainstorming a list of questions about your topic that you’d like to answer through your research. Make this list as long as you can. Try to see your topic in as many ways as possible. Really push yourself—this is the most important step. Post your results to #1, 2, and 3 in the discussion.

Step 4: Read through your classmates posts. At this point in the research process, almost  everyone will be struggling to find their focus. You can help each other by reviewing the different topics that your classmates have generated. For at least two of your classmates, Add  a question that you would like answered about that topic that is not on the list and then list the one question on the list that you find most interesting.

· Finally review the questions and find two or three that you would like to answer through research. This will help you focus on what you want to write about for your essay–more specifically, what about your dish do you want to discover?

You can also use the world food web page!


Can you do about the kebab food ?



First thing first rice is my favorite food, it’s the first food I think whenever I’m hungry. Plus, in the senegalese culture, it’s the most eaten food, rice is the principal ingredient of most of our meals, and each meal Tates different. So these are something that make me interested about this topic and there’s a kind of curiosity on me that makes me want to know more and more about it.

I’ve always heard people saying that rice is a very healthy grain, rich of nutrients like fiber and vitamins B and easy the digest. But to be honest, I’ve never done investigations about it and I feel ignorant right now because of that. However, I know that it’s the most consumed food in asiatic countries where we can find China and India, two big countries known as the first rice consumer in the world.

Why is rice so popular all around the world? where is the real origin of this grain (history)? I’ll also try to see how and why did rice become the most consumed food in my country? How does Rice end up this being in some countries cultures? And then I’ll treat some questions about rice meals and benefits: How many ways rice can be cooked? which meals are the most popular? What’s rice benefits?

I would like to talk about a more personal side about rice, I mean, some nostalgias I have about rice in my childhood. And I also would like to treat the question about its place in my culture.

I found my first two questions really interesting and I hope that I’ll be able to have really satisfying answers those questions.