Research Proposal Assignment Instructions

Research Proposal Assignment Instructions

The purpose of this assignment is to provide students practice in the activity of scholarly research. This research proposal is the capstone requirement for this course and aligns with the Research Intensive requires of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) that is part of University’s SACS accreditation. This assignment builds on SLO #1 and #2 while targeting SLO #3 “Students will be equipped to design a research proposal/project that is discipline specific” (

Students will prepare a research proposal, which will include, but not limited to, an introduction to the problem, a review of literature that provides the theoretical and/or conceptual framework for the paper, the research questions/hypotheses, statements of significance and purpose, methodology, as well as ethical considerations and limitations of the study.

General Guidelines

1. As a capstone requirement, this assignment is a culmination of the work you have completed throughout this course. You will need to draw upon the work you have accomplished throughout the various research drafts in order to expand upon them to successfully complete this assignment.

2. All research topics must be undoubtedly related to the curriculum with our academic programs (i.e., sport, event, and tourism management, coaching, outdoor adventure, etc.) and, more broadly, within the discipline of sport, recreation, or tourism management (or very closely related). Your instructor reserves the right to disapprove any topic.

3. The final length/page count of the assignment will vary depending on a multitude of factors unique to your research proposal and quality of work is always encouraged to drive the quantity of work. Nevertheless, a minimum of 15 pages is required (not including title page, abstract, table of contents, references, or appendices) to effectively address all research components and the outcomes of this assignment. A minimum of 10 peer-reviewed sources are also required.

4. All final submissions must strictly adhere to the provided qualitative or quantitative research proposal templates (see separate template instructions) as well as the latest version of the APA style manual.

5. It is strongly recommended that you read all assignment instructions carefully and reference the assignment rubric for additional guidance.


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