Research Draft Five Assignment Instructions

Research Draft Five Assignment Instructions

Begin this assignment by reviewing each of the questions/prompts below and provide as much detail as possible for each. Submit this Word document with each of your completed answers directly after each question/prompt (do not delete subheadings, questions, or prompts).

Remember, even though there may be some repetition from one draft to another, you should not expect to re-submit the exact same work for subsequent drafts. Even if your instructor does not provide specific feedback for revision on any one subsection in a draft, you should continually be working to improve each draft by enhancing your research design acumen through organizing your thoughts and making better associations among key components as well as improving clarity and thoroughness.

1. Title of Proposal: (At this point you should have solidified a title for your research proposal that emulates what you would typically see in a scientific journal.)

2. Data Collection Methods: (Using information from presentations and readings, write what specific data collection method/tool you are planning on using that is associated with your research design below. Describe how this/these data collection tool (s) will effectively measure your variable (s) and hence, answer your research question (s).)

a. Qualitative Data Collection Tool:

b. Quantitative Data Collection Tool:

c. Mixed-Method Data Collection Tools:

3. Limitations and Ethical Concerns: (Using information from presentations and readings (you might need to refer to other chapters in your text), outline and describe the following:

a. Ethical Principles: (Choose a minimum of three ethical principles in your text and apply them to your research proposal.)

b. Limitations: (Limitations may stem from many sources including the chosen theoretical approach, sampling, research design, data collection tool, and lack of integrity or rigor. Outline a minimum of two sources that may be a limitation to your research proposal.)

4. Appendices: (Including different artifacts in an appendix is optional. However, if you have samples of surveys/questionnaires/instruments, you should include them. Use this section to gain feedback about the inclusion of any possible items for an appendix.)

5. Additional Feedback on Key Components: (Use this section to gain additional feedback from your instructor on a maximum of three key components of your choosing. Clearly state the key component for which you desire feedback, briefly describe what you do not understand or what you would like clarified and highlight it in yellow.)

6. References: (To date, you should have a minimum of eight peer-reviewed sources and a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed sources are required for the final research proposal. For this draft, list two new sources, published in the last five years, (not previously used) that informs any aspect of your research proposal.)