COLLAGE ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS OVERVIEW You will create a collage, as discussed in the textbook, that visually communicates a biblical theme. This assignment will give you an overview of modern and contemporary art making methods as well as introduce you to the idea of creating work that includes a narrative. INSTRUCTIONS Required Materials: Drawing Paper, Collage Materials, Glue Stick, and Camera. Optional Materials: Colored Pencils 1. Read: Turn to the section titled, “Drawing and Beyond: Paper as a Medium”. 2. Brainstorm: Think about a biblical scene, story, or theme you would like to create using the collage method of art production as discussed in your reading. 3. Create: Arrange your collage materials (cut outs from magazines, newspapers, advertisements, postcards, old photographs, etc.) and paste them on your drawing paper to create your image. Before pasting your materials to the paper, try a few different compositions to discover an arrangement that looks the most aesthetically pleasing. If desired, you may add additional marks, lines, drawings on the paper with your colored pencils. 4. Photograph: Take a digital photograph of your collage. 5. Write: Write a short paragraph that explains your artwork and biblical narrative. 6. Upload: Upload the photograph and written statement to Canvas under the appropriate area for this assignment. Neatness and Craftsmanship: Your work should be neat and clean. Be sure that your photograph is in focus, straight, and cropped perfectly at the edge of the drawing paper. *For further study on this topic, research the collage work of artist Robert Motherwell. Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.