Hard and Soft Negotiating Strategies In APA format explain the difference between hard power and…

Hard and Soft Negotiating Strategies In APA format, explain the difference between hard power and soft power negotiating strategies in the context of international business negotiations. Share an example from recent news (within the last one or two years) that demonstrates either a hard power or soft power negotiating approach, and describe the negotiation outcome. Was it a success or failure? This should be a 1-2 page paper with at least 3 sources.

make it 1.5 pages 3 REFS AND CITE OUTLINE Answer preview……….. According to Maude (2014), Negotiating power refers to the relative potential for the parties involved to influence each other’s decision towards the negotiation result. It is subject to resources and status like, technology, expertise on the topic of negotiation, excellent bargaining skills, great creativity, and innovative ability. Hard negotiating strategies involves adopting the advantage of a greater bargaining power on the negotiating table. A negotiation action plan that is not inclusive of the greater bargaining power but a fair, equal ground is referred to as a soft strategy. Hard and soft strategies represent critical elements of international relations yet are distinct in nature and function…….

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