Restaurant Management Accounting Management Quarterly popular magazine (Ex. Time Money) and a…

Restaurant Management, Accounting Management Quarterly, popular magazine (Ex. Time, Money) and a business newspaper (Ex. Wall Street Journal, Atlanta Business Chronicle). Each article must come from a different publication. They should be no more than five years old. Include a copy of your articles in a separate file (don’t worry about the matching percentage associated with your articles). Focus on the matching report associated with your summaries
Summarize each article (1 paragraph). Create a citation for each article in APA Style Answer the following questions (for each article):
What is the author’s main idea?
How does the article relate to organizational behavoir
Why do you believe he/she wrote the article (purpose)?
Did the author support his/her ideas with evidence?
Did you agree or disagree with the author? Why or why not?
What are the effects associated with the developments in this article?