Ques.?1?Discuss the impact both positive and negative of termination on the project team ?members.

Ques.?1?Discuss the impact, both positive and negative, of termination on the project team ?members. What elements of the termination process may be responsible for making a ? project unsuccessful? ?Ques.?2?Discuss the uses of a PMIS in the different stages of the project life cycle. And Explain ?how it is different from an ordinary management Information System. ?Ques.?3?Discuss the procedure for determining whether a project should be continued, ?terminated, or divested. ?Ques.?4?How are projects linked to the strategic plan? Why should an organization not rely only ?on ROI to select projects? ?Section-B ?Imagine you are conducting SAP implementation project. Research, press coverage and the Internet to collect information on the current status of the project. What are the successes and failures to date? What forecasts would you make about the completion of the project, and why? What recommendations would you make to top management of the program, and why?