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Case #25: Good Hotel: Doing Good, Doing Well?Here are the instructions: I have uploaded all the pages of the case study that you need to read before writing the paper and and answering the questions.Using the information provided in the case study and other credible sources, you will analyze theimplementation and execution strategyof your assigned case study, identify possible strategic issues with the company’s current situation, and provide recommendations integrating strategic planning concepts. Youmust completely and accurately answer the following questions using concepts and techniques for implementing and executing strategy:

Assignment Questions

1. What are the stand-out economic characteristics of the macro-environment of the U.S. hotel lodging industry?

2. How would you characterize Joie de Vivre’s strategy for its Good Hotel brand? Is the hotel’s commitment to

social responsibility an important component of its competitive strategy? Explain.

3. Describe the key strategy implementation efforts at Good Hotel brand. Has management allocated sufficient

resources to the strategy execution effort? Exercised strong leadership to propel strategy execution forward?

Instituted policies and procedures that facilitate good strategy execution? Explain.

4. What is your assessment of the Good Hotel’s performance relative to its peers in the San Francisco market?

What does a strategic group map for the industry disclose about its competitive position?

5. Have the Good Hotel’s strategy and its approach to executing the strategy produced good fi nancial results?

6. Based on your analysis of the company’s situation, does it appear that the Good Hotel concept worked? Does

the Good Hotel need Joie de Vivre or can it continue on its own?

7. What recommendations would you make to Pam Janusz concerning the hotel’s transition to the new

ownership group? How should she prepare the hotel’s staff for the transition? Should she recommend that

the Good Hotel concept be continued, expanded, or discontinued? Explain.

The case study analysis must be 6 pages with at least five references. Please format the paper and cite the sources correctly using APA standard of writing. No plagiarism (my university is strict about that).