Critical Commentary You are required to write a commentary (minimum length 3000 words there is no.

Critical Commentary You are required to write a commentary (minimum length: 3000 words; there is no maximum length) on the questions below. Specifically, you are required to answer the following questions in essay format (with an introduction and a conclusion), not point form. Since it is an essay, there should be a unifying theme which connects the answers. You are also required to use quotes from all of the relevant readings from the course text in order to demonstrate knowledge of the readings. Avoid significant overlap between answers. Finally, grammar, spelling, and organization will be marked. Each question is worth 4 marks. Only hard copies will be accepted. (Value: 20% of final grade). Suggested Unifying Theme: Can human beings consistently adhere to a Kantian (biblical) morality in the economic sphere of life? 1. Explain two differences between Kants concept of a universal law and Marxs account of morality. 2. Why are both Kant and Marx suspicious of appeals to nature as the basis of justice? Be sure to discuss both authors ideas. 3. Nozick and Rawls, despite many differences between them, understand human nature in similar ways. Explain this similarity. Then answer this question: Does their portrayal of human nature support or contradict Kants portrayal of human nature? 4. Why would Marx consider Nozicks and Rawlss distinct portrayals of capitalism to be ideological? Be sure to discuss all three authors. 5. If Marx is right, why are hypothetical imperatives more likely to advance progress in history than the categorical (Kantian) version?