Strategic Management Robert M. Grantâ??s Contemporary Strategic Analyses Answer section A & B….

Robert M. Grant’s:
Contemporary Strategic Analyses

Answer section A & B.
Total exam page length minimum expectation: about 4 single spaced 12
The answer for each question
needs to focus mainly on your own:
(1) Conclusions.
(2) Recommendations
for specific actions, together with proper support.
(3) Methods and
guidelines for implementing these recommendation
(4) Use bullets points for the recommendations, followed
by supporting essays, discussions, and conclusions.
beyond the book: Think for yourself and support your thinking and reasoning. No
outside or library research is expected. You may of course use outside
information and examples to illustrate your viewpoints.
can find the book in the below link:

Section A: chose
one from 1 and 2
Strategic management is both, “designâ€
and “emergence†approaches. However, it is
a challenge to formulate objectives/goals and develop a corporate strategy
unless the design-emergence combined approach works well.†Discuss.
“While Industry and competitive analysis
provides what the organization can aspire to do, it is the organization’s
resource and capabilities analyses that determines how much it can

Section B: chose Two from 3,
4,and 5
“The textbook provides competitive
advantage in ways that the organization can develop its specific (focused or)
strategic intent for improved growth “. Discuss.
“Organization, know thyself: It is the key
to your survival.†Discuss.
Write an essay on Chps. 8 and 9.