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A1: Entrepreneur Interview

Due Date: Day 7 / Week 4

Submission Details:

Your paper must be attached as a MS Word document, or in PDF format, and submitted via the Assignments tab by 11:55 PM Adelaide time on Day 7 of this week.

All submissions require an Assessment Cover Sheet.


Refer to the “Visit with an Entrepreneur” Exercise 1 on pp. 28-31 of the prescribed text. Using this as the basis for your assignment, identify a suitable entrepreneur who has been in business for at least three years. The better learning experience comes from a business that is growth oriented and exhibits innovation in its products or services, systems, processes, etc.

Using the questions from Exercise 1 noted above as a suggested guide, you are to prepare and conduct an interview with the selected entrepreneur.

Preparation is crucial if you are to derive maximum benefit from this assessment. Reflect on the responses obtained during the interview, then write up your report (using Step 4 of Exercise 1 as a basis for your discussion).

Rather than produce a massaged reproduction of the interview, this assessment seeks your evaluation of how/where this entrepreneur fits or breaks the mould, observed typical entrepreneurial principles, concepts or strategies, etc.


· Did he/she confirm or negate your expectations in relation to your readings on these issues?

· Did the entrepreneur’s responses modify your preconceived notions or debunk some entrepreneurial myths?

· What surprised you and why?

· Did you change your previously held assessment in relation to the creation of an entrepreneurial venture?

Rather than simply summarizing your paper, the assignment should conclude with your evaluation on what you learned from this exercise. For example, what impact did the entrepreneur have on your personal vision, and goals? Has this changed any aspirations of founding an entrepreneurial venture, etc.? What important insights did you gain?


This exercise will assess your critical thinking and comprehensive answer regarding what skills/characteristics/strategies an entrepreneur utilises to create/grow/sustain an entrepreneurial venture, integration of the correct application of theories, concepts and frameworks, and, if/where relevant, the effective use of local and international research data to support your analysis, discussion, insights and evaluation.


The entrepreneur interview main discussion document should be no longer than 2500 words in length.

Appendices, however, may be used to supplement the main discussion document. There is no specific layout to follow, but please ensure that the criteria for written assignments are adhered to.


Your work will be graded on the following criteria

Assessment 1 Grading Criteria

Demonstrated a well-defined and sound perspective with obvious understanding

Demonstrated critical thinking and synthesis through a solid argument, opinion, or application of concept/s

Additional research sources other than those assigned, and examples are specific, detailed and directly support the argument

Demonstrated quality and depth of analysis and insight, with reasonable and objective interpretation

Distinguishes between fact and fiction, explores reliability, and compares and contrasts

paper has been carefully edited and is virtually free of errors in writing mechanics, usage, grammar, and spelling