For your analytical essay assignment your job will be to develop a distinct analysis of a…

For your analytical essay assignment, your job will be to develop a distinct analysis of a particular term that synthesizes the different materials we have discussed throughout the course thus far.  we have analyzed in this class  Misery (film)

You are to research and investigate the complicated uses of this term using only materials we have used in this class, the dictionary, and a minimum and maximum of 2 outside sources. These sources do not have to necessarily be scholarly, but you must be able to cite them.  you are to construct an argument that lays what you believe this term represents in light of these works. What is the significance of this term? What are the complications of it? How is it or isn’t it effective? You will each turn in a unique 2-3 page analytical 

Your work in this assignment should not involve a “should” thesis, but instead, an “is” thesis,because you are doing the work of analysis of others work, rather than the production of your own ideas. I am expecting the following:

• A clear thesis

• Topic sentences that are followed by analysis and evidence

• Body paragraphs that incorporate effectively quoted material from the texts

• Demonstration of your efforts in investigating these texts

• A conclusion that attempts to distill your analysis

• A clear attempt at using MLA format citations and layout