Scene analysis This is an assignment for my film course. pls read the additional materials one of..

Scene analysisThis is an assignment for my film course. pls read the additional materials, one of the material is the instruction for the assignment( has the example of how to analysis), the other one is the scene I choose to analysis and you need watch this scene for the shot by shot analysis. I also upload the draft i wrote for this assignment ,And i already choose the 10 shots from the video and write something ,i am responsible for the analysis of those shots’ background sounds(music) and the color of those shot. (pls relate those color and sounds to character’s emotion and whole storyline) all you need is watching the scene that I upload and give me more specific analysis for the 10 shot’s color and sounds analysis ( not an essay, be specific paragraph analysis for each shot on my draft) .you don’t need to write too professional and better be oral english for me to understand and present in the class. Thanks very much






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Scene analysis

            The first scene start with the family gathered in a common room where the master and all servants gather together to get briefing from the master. Camera movement is very consistent with sound that is loud and clear for anything that is happening to be clear. The movement of camera is precisely on the subject that is talking, it also moves……………


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