Europe Music listening test

1. Listen to the Corelli, Vivaldi and Bach examples. Using the stylistic features of each, write a summary of the development of instrumental music in the 18th century. Be aware of overall form and musical elements you hear in the examples. Explain the musical terms you use. (10 marks) A. Corelli A.Vivaldi J.S. Bach 2. The following excerpt is from “Messiah” by Handel. It is the beginning of the annunciation to the shepherds of the coming of Jesus found in “The Nativity”. (15 marks) a) What is the genre of “Messiah”? b) Although Handel had by this time given up opera, he still makes use of theatricality in his writing. In the sequence above, how has Handel created a mood to suit this episode in “Messiah”? c) The sequence contains distinct musical elements to present this information to the audience. Discuss the musical features found in the clearly defined sections of this example. d) How has Handel used the orchestral writing to reflect the meaning of the text being sung? Hint: there is programme writing involved.