Tie together your research analysis initial strategic planning leadership approach feedback from

Tie together your research, analysis, initial strategic planning, leadership approach, feedback from your boardroom pitch, and learning from the program by composing your final Strategic Leadership Plan. The plan will provide the reader with a complete and succinct understanding of the company, their challenge, its impact, the environmental factors, and how you as a leader will move the company to sustainable success. Through completion of this project, you will demonstrate mastery and skillful application of key business concepts and principles and the ability to solve real-world business problems as a leader.

For this assignment, submit an 4-5 page paper that addresses the following criteria: • Provide a high-level overview or your chosen organization and describe the challenge you will address. • Describe the current financial standing of the organization and explain how the organizational challenge is affecting the firm’s profitability, sustainability, and growth. • Describe the industry including trends, challenges, opportunities, and constraints. • Assess the competitive landscape. How does your organization measure up against its peers? Which competitors are winning and why? • Detail your strategy for addressing the organizational challenge. • Describe your plan for managing change. • Explain your unique leadership approach. • Describe the actions you will take in the first 90 days and define how you will measure success. • Explain how your presentation to the Board impacted your Strategic Leadership Plan.