Collegiate Mission Statement Find a collegiate mission statement online that you consider lacking.

Collegiate Mission Statement

Find a collegiate mission statement, online, that you consider lacking in specific vision, mission and or goals. Rewrite this mission statement so the weakness are addressed. In your paper, lead with the original mission statement, followed by your comments on weaknesses. Lastly, rewrite the mission statement…… must include documentation of original mission statement…….

Your paper must be formatted according to APA standards, including a title page, margins, and documentation.

Answer preview……….. A collegiate mission statement is a short statement by a college, university or institution of higher learning that identifies the purpose of goal behind its foundation and what it intends to achieve in the future. The mission statement thereby allows the college to focus on itself so as to ensure that it meets its strategic goals in regards with imparting knowledge among the students of members of the public who enroll at the institution. The collegiate mission statement plays many roles that enhance the activities of the college. Some of the major reasons why such mission statements are important include offering guiding principles, enhancing public relations, and allowing the college to enhance sustainability of its operations.  The aim of this essay is to identify a collegiate mission statement from an online portal of a learning institution that lacks certain elements then later rewriting it to incorporate all important aspects………..

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