Strategic Management 1 answer below »

Question One:

a) Who are the stakeholders of Cirque do Soleil? Why are they so supportive of Cirque to exist and why? (20 marks)

b)How does the success of serving the interests of stakeholders reinforce the financial performance of the business? How does the financial performance reinforce serving the interests of the stakeholders? (20 marks)

(40 % marks)

Question Two:

a)Identify a number of operational innovations to the traditional circus and show how they contribute to the unique Soleil experience? (10 marks)

b)What did these operational innovations do to the financial dynamics of the business? (15 marks)

(25% marks)

Question Three:

Develop a corporate mission for Cirque. Critically examine the organisational beliefs, purpose and values of the organisation and show your mission statement provides the direction, legitimacy and motivation for the business going forward. (25 marks)

(25% marks)

Note: 10% of the marks are allocated for presentation of the report.