A 10 page paper title introduction discussion conclusion and bibliography. This paper needs to..

A 10 page paper: title, introduction, discussion, conclusion and bibliography. This paper needs to also be in APA format. I do have an attachment on what the topic is and a rough draft. References must include at least 5 journal articles or published reports, in addition to web resources. The class that I’m needing this for is Environmental Economics. If any other questions please feel free to ask.

Wood burning stove: Acceptable heating resource?
Nicole A. Babb
American Military University

heating resource?
There are several ways to heat your home,
garage or perhaps your hunting blind but there are many factors that go into deciding
which one is more efficient or is the one that is cheaper the better or is the
one more expensive better because it is cost more? Wood burning stoves are
efficient and they are a renewable resource because natural wood is being used
to create heat. Using a wood burning stove is also environmental safe and also
safe for the family. Not only are these pros of choosing to use a wood burning
stove but there are different styles and colors to choose from to suit each
person to their own liking. There is a lot into owning a wood burning stove,
such as cleaning and learning how to properly care for and how to use one. This
is very important because if the proper techniques are not taken, these could
cause fires. (Hearth 2015)If you are purchasing a stove for a home that has
never had one, you will probably need to install a chimney. Prefabricated metal
chimneys are the easiest types to retrofit. They are relatively inexpensive and
not extremely difficult to install. You will, however, need to cut a hole in
your roof or side wall. If you are using an existing chimney in your house,
make sure that the stove you are planning to buy is compatible. Many existing
chimneys need to be relined (with stainless steel pipe) in order for them to
work correctly with the new high-efficiency stoves. If you use a wood-burning
fireplace, try to avoid using it as a primary source of heat. Draft from a fireplace tends to suck all the
warm air in a home and take it up the chimney.
If you use a fireplace, expect other rooms in the home to be cooler due
to escaping warm air. And, if you’re using central heat while burning in a
fireplace, expect your heater to work harder to maintain temperatures
throughout the house. For more efficient
heating with less smoke, consider asking your local retailer about gas, pellet,
or EPA-certified wood fireplace inserts.
You may also want to ask your local retailer about gas log lighter kits
that can be added to your existing fireplace. These devices make it easier to
light a wood fire and provide a more efficient startup. (Consumers 2015)

1.) Comparing to other heating
a. Pellet burner
b. Propane
c. Natural gas
2.) Comparing price with other
heating resources
a. Pellet burner
b. Propane
c. Natural gas
3.) Is this a healthier
renewable resource?
a. Talk about using natural
b. Wood that comes from an
area that is proper growth and nutrition
c. Using dry wood from woods
vs. treated wood
4.) Describe how this is safe
for family and kids
a. The heat that is extracted
from wood burning stoves
b. Proper measures taken so
nobody is hurt
c. Measures taken if one does
get burned
5.) Good for the environment?
a. People
b. Animals(house pets)
c. Talk about if pesticides
have been used on the wood or pests that may have infected the wood
6.) Conclusion
a. Briefly re-introducing all
the current topics mentioned
7.) Bibliography


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