2000 words assignment A report of a minimum of 2000 words that provides evidence of critical…

A report of a minimum of 2000 words that provides evidence of critical analysis of the provided PMP and that satisfies items within the marking rubric.
Your critical analysis will understand (interpret and summarise), analyse and evaluate (judge) key
aspects of the assigned PMP. You should adopt Schwalbe1 (2010, pp.151-154; 2014, pp.161-164;
2016, pp. 158-161) and the PMI’s (2013, p.77) PMBOK Guide as frameworks for comparison and
evaluation. In the Topic 3 section of your Moodle shell, under the Week 3: Additional Learning
Resources section you will find a copy of the Schwalbe 2010 layout – Week 3: Reading 1 (Schwalbe,
2010) and the PMI PMBOK Guide PMP contents – Week 3: Reading 4 (PMI, 2013).
You may also like to review Appendix A – PMP Critique Guide at the end of this document for some
suggestions or interpretations of Schwalbe’s understanding of what should be in a PMP.
When reviewing the PMP think about the following:
1. The common techniques and tools used in PMP presentation;
2. The most effective or the best techniques and tools for each component of the PMP;
3. the layout and usability of the given PMP;
4. The structure and components of the given PMP;
5. The content of the given PMP – how and why the particular information is used;
6. How each section and the overall content is presented, especially the conciseness, format, and
7. what planning tools the authors have used;
8. any content that has been omitted;
9. any additional content that has been included – is it necessary? does it suit the purpose?;
10. the language and form of expression used;
11. the overall quality and professionalism of the PMP;
12. The usefulness of the PMP for guiding the project
Your PMP critique report should be presented in a business or management style and structured as
? title page;
? executive summary;
? table of contents;
? introduction;