MGT 312

Please provide substantial in your own word answers to the following questions. Word count must be 50 or more.


Question 1


Wrong? Absolutely! Illegal? Seemingly Not. Unethical behavior is rarely illegal. The Wall Street meltdown of 2008–2009 that caused the Great Recession has produced very few prosecutions and virtually no convictions. The US Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission keep surprisingly little related data. Why? “I can tell you why you wouldn’t keep the data,” said economics and law professor William Black: “Because it would be really embarrassing.” Of the more than 14,000 financial fraud cases during the period, only 17 involved CEOs and other executives, and only one of these was directly related to the financial crisis (a case against three Credit Suisse employees for inflating mortgage bond values). Eric Holder, the US Attorney General, said that the conduct that led to the crisis was “unethical and irresponsible.” And “some of this behavior—while morally reprehensible—may not necessarily have been criminal.”


YOUR THOUGHTS? 1. What is your reaction? 2. If you think the executives (and perhaps other employees) of financial institutions should be punished, then describe what you think is appropriate. 3. Alternatively, if you think they should not be punished, then explain why.


Question 2

How are organizations (workplace) similar to living things? Why is it important to understand organizational behavior? What makes your organization unique from other organizations? The term organizational behavior (OB) describes an interdisciplinary field dedicated to understanding and managing people at work. What kinds of organizational behaviors and procedures are the most important determinant of the effectiveness of your organization?

Question 3

How do personal attitudes affect workplace behavior and work-related outcomes?

Question 4

Are you currently satisfied with your job? Why or why not? What does or doesn’t the company do that you feel contributes to your current attitude. What specific thing(s) can an organization do to raise levels of affective commitment? How would you say our personal values are related to our job satisfaction?

Question 5

Provide thoughts on attached reading material, “CEO Ethical Leadership, Ethical Climate, Climate Strength,

and Collective Organizational Citizenship Behavior”

Question 6

Provide thoughts on attached reading material, “An Introduction to Business Ethics”

Question 7

o    The term “Tone at the top”. This phrase became popular early last decade after the meltdown of Enron. Have you heard this term before? How might it apply to organizational behavior?

Question 8

Provide thoughts on attached reading material, “Why Study Organizational Behavior”