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Please have Carlos Holmes as my expert, Carlos understands the on-going weekly assignment (Apple Inc.) and the content of the project.

Go to the Web site of your selected firm and download the latest Annual Report or 10K report, if you have not done so already. A section in that report lists any large shareholders in the firm. (This is different from the section that sets out the insiders holdings, although the same people may be in both lists.) It may be that there are no large shareholders in your firm that have to be set out in these security disclosures. That should be noted.

Based on what you find, and your textbook readings,describe the influence that you see institutional shareholders of your firm having on managerial action. Give examples of managerial action and explain the influence you detect.

Note that there may be discussions of institutional pressures if your firm has had particularly poor performance recently or if there has been any hostile shareholder action. These activities will be reported in other sections of the annual report, most likely in the letter to shareholders.

Present your analysis as a 4-page report in a Word document formatted in APA style. Cite sources APA style on a separate page.