Strategic Management – The task is to perform a comprehensive and well-structured strategic…

Part I: Strategic Management (approximately 2,300 words). Last month, CNN Business titled the following: “Boeing is profitable again, but the 737 Max is still a crisis.” However, regarding the article, “the 737 Max is not the only production problem Boeing faces.”
The task is to perform a comprehensive and well-structured strategic analysis of Boeing. Collect the relevant data by conducting further research and apply the different, adequate analytical concepts and methods that you discussed in class: • Analyse the status quo of Boeing’s current operating and strategic situation. Choose and apply appropriate methods and tools to perform your different analyses. • Use the results of your analysis and critically reflect on Boeing’s defined corporate vision/mission: are they still in line or is corrective strategic action required? • As strategic supply chain manager in charge, which advice concerning future action and strategic market positioning would you give to your board managers?
Be as specific as possible and follow a clear and robust line of argumentation.