Comprenhensive Strategic Plan for Eastman Kodak 1 answer below »

Review Eastman Kodak’s values and mission. Provide your assessment of whether the company’s overall operations and strategy are aligned to support those values and achieve the mission. • Describe Eastman Kodak’s approach to creating a sustainable competitive advantage and evaluate the effectiveness of the approach. • Describe Eastman Kodak’s efforts in corporate strategy (that is, vertical integration, globalization, and diversification) and evaluate the effectiveness of the efforts. • Provide recommendations on how Eastman Kodak’s resources can be better aligned and leveraged to create capabilities that drive a sustainable competitive advantage. • Provide recommendations for realignment of organizational structure and management systems that facilitate your proposed realignment and leveraging of resources. • Provide any additional recommendations regarding needed changes to Eastman Kodak’s approach to competitive advantage and corporate strategy. • Use APA (6th ed.) style citations and references. Include at least two graphs or charts in an appendix, and format your plan as a formal report addressed to Terry Bell, VP of Strategy, Eastman Kodak Company.