81) The end of a presentation has impact but it is not as important as the beginning. 82) In…

81) The end of a presentation has
impact, but it is not as important as the beginning.

82) In practicing her
presentation, Carol finds it difficult to present a slide that incorporates
animation. Therefore she should remove the animation from the slide.

83) Compressing your pictures
will decrease their file size and will also decrease their resolutions.

84) Bryce feels nervous and
awkward making presentations, so he should address this problem by practicing.

85) Patricia projects her voice
to be heard throughout the room during her presentation, but when she answers a
question from someone in the front row she should lower her voice accordingly.

86) Listening while you present
can be so challenging that it is best not attempted.

87) If you use a photo published
on the Internet in your widely-distributed presentation, you don’t need to get
permission to use it from the original owner of the photo but you do need to
acknowledge the source in your presentation.

88) The main problem people face
in impromptu talking is the temptation to ramble.

89) When you’re ready for questions
ask, “Are there any questions?”

90) The first part of answering a
question involves restating or summarizing it to be sure everyone heard it and
that you understand it correctly.