Prepare an analysis of a current hot topic in corporate strategy (relating to any firm in any…

Students are to prepare an analysis of a current hot topic in corporate
strategy (relating to any firm, in any industry in any country).
Find a controversial issue from the media that has affected some element of the
strategy of a cooperation. Chose something any important controversial issues
that impact one company.
? The introduction of the company should be very brief.
? The majority of the words allowance should be the actual analysis
To research your hot topic investigate the issue on the internet, useful sites
include: Business Insider, The Economist, The New York Times, The
Washington Post, The Financial Times, The Financial Review, Bloomberg,
CNBC, The BBC, The Verge, and The Conversation etc… You can also use
material from academic journal articles (those included in the recommended
reading list or any other relevant articles) to develop and support your
analysis. All references used to develop your analysis (including web pages,
TV reports, news feeds or apps) should be cited using the Chicago reference
The analysis should introduce the firm, locate the firms strategic position
within the industry sector (ie: is it a market leader, a mature firm in decline, a
start up that only operates in a small local or regional market). The analysis
should introduce the issue, explain its strategic significance for the firm and
its industry sector and provide an evaluation of the firm’s actions or
responses to the issue.