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The assignment was poorly done and I wound up having to rewrite it. I need help with a second part of the assignment so they told me to upload it here as a second part of this request at a low price. I will need the answer by tomorrow at 6PM PST. Thank you
1.As of 2012 Zara has built over 1,830 stores worldwide, but very few of those stores are in the United States. (See Inditex’s annual report for a breakdown of stores/locations, availablehere.) Do you think Zara should expand more in the United States? Explain your logic.

2.Assuming Zara does expand in the United States, how would you position Zara in terms of price, quality, service, etc. relative to competitors?

3.How would you set up Zara’s supply chain to service the North American region?

4.Can Zara develop the same competitive advantages is has in Europe in the United States? Explain.