subject anthropology—Select correct answer for each question from the 4 multiable choices1.The earl

subject: anthropology—Select correct answer for each question from the 4 multiable choices1.The earliest settlement of Australia occurred how long ago:(Points : 1) after 12,000 yearsafter 20,000 years before 40,000 years before 100,000 yearsQuestion 2. 2.The first settlers of Australia likely got there:(Points : 1) across a land bridge connecting southeast Asia and New Guinea via boat from New Zealand by boat from Southeast Asia when the islands of Micronesia were part of a vast Pacific continent called LemuriaQuestion 3. 3.After the initial settlement of Australia, people next spread throughout the country:(Points : 1) from north to south, in waves across the interior along the coast and later into the interior following the kangaroo herds by following sources of obsidianQuestion 4. 4.Highly mobile people who rely on a broad range of wild plant and animal resources are said to be:(Points : 1) simple foragers complex foragers horticulturists pastoralistsQuestion 5. 5.The earliest evidence for the domestication of rice has been found where:(Points : 1) China Vietnam India JapanQuestion 6. 6.The domestication of animals occurred independently in which world area(s):(Points : 1) the Middle East, East Asia the Middle East, East Asia, Mesoamerica the Middle East, East Asia, Mesoamerica, North America the Middle East, East Asia, Mesoamerica, North America, AfricaQuestion 7. 7.Çatalhöyük was:(Points : 1) the world’s first true city the place where einkorn wheat was first domesticated one of the oldest and largest complex settlements in the Neolithic a town mentioned in the Bible whose existence has recently been verified through archaeologyQuestion 8. 8.In rank societies, leaders attain their rank through:(Points : 1) heredity a primitive electoral process force their competence at performing necessary tasksQuestion 9. 9.Complex societies developed in response to practical challenges like:(Points : 1) the need to increase agricultural output an external threat like a powerful and aggressive neighboring group water control all of the aboveQuestion 10.10.In all likelihood, complex societies developed at first in order for people to:(Points : 1) build great monuments like Stonehenge and Carnac organize the labor of large groups of people in response to practical challenges respond the threat posed by militarily powerful complex societies in their region all of the above