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1. What is vision? It is an organization’s ability to see beyond today. Also, it defines what an organization want to be in the future on a long term. 1&2 2. What is Mission? It is an organization’s reason for being. It explains what this business about and whom it wants to serve. It is a declaration of why a business is in existence. The mission is the foundation of any business’s Priorities, Plans, Strategies, and work assignments. It is an essential component to design managerial jobs and managerial structures. 1&2 3. What is the clarity and confusion that exist between the two if any? The clarity that exist between the Vision and Mission is each one of them serves a purpose for the business. The vision reflects what an organization wants to be on a long term and the mission reflects the reason for the business being in existence. Clarity of both will always help an organization to stay focused and be able to pull resources together to achieve its objectives. Confusion might emerge from mixing both vision and mission. 4. What is the conflict between vision and profit; what positive role do vision and profit play in an organization? Some employees of an organization might negatively perceive profit because they think profit is something that they earn, but managers use. Vision and Profit motivate employees, managers and owners.